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Топик: Спорт в моей жизни /english/

Название: Спорт в моей жизни /english/
Раздел: Топики по английскому языку
Тип: топик Добавлен 00:30:06 16 февраля 2008 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 2381 Комментариев: 4 Оценило: 5 человек Средний балл: 3.2 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

Sport in my life

In present time, being the student, the sport occupies not so important place in my life, but formerly that was absolutely differently...

I was born in famous city Tbilisi, situated on the Kura river in a valley sheltered by the Caucasus Mountains. During 14 years I have spent a lot of delightful days there which have left an indelible trace in my memory. The occupation by jumps in water has become one of the brightest impressions. Frankly speaking the considaration concerning this period of my life cause by no means not joyful, but extremely sad memoirs. My parents became the primary source of this. They deeply trusted that the jumps in water can become by that effective lever, which will help me to transform from the frail boy to the advanced physically teenager. They have determined me in the section engaged in preparation of the sportsmen into the Georgia team. On one side it flattered my unreasonable selfishness, on the other infinitely depressed, for it was necessary to work very assidiously. At first all proceeded very propitious and above all rather simply, but with the lapse of time the situation principally began to vary. From the simple exercises we began to pass over to more difficult of them. If we shall take into the considaration the fact, that I by no means did not lust for this kind of sport, it is quite natural, that I was being wearied of it. Sometimes the volcano of indignation began to boil in me. Besides, I believe, I should add that the occupations passed six days per week by twice per day, in the morning and evening (soon I have moved on the first shift study and my occupations were cut in half). I slowly began to allow oneself to pass the occupations, sometimes I was absent more than for a month. Accordingly this circumstance had an effect on the condition of my health, for coming after rest with the weakened muscles, although I tried to protect them, but nevertheless I had a terribly body ache on the morrow of the first day and pain did not leave me for about one week. But most of all I was being enraged by our trainer. That was the woman (fortunately I don’t remember her name). Besides, being very severe, she sometimes required impossible from us, but she specially bought very firm rubber boots and with the first possibility beat us on the feet by them; and what is more, seeing, that the jump was not lucky, could throw directly in flight to us by them and so that the back is aching for a month thereafter. That brutal woman also did not almost let us (poor children) to warm in the bath[1] . She usually came in with cryes and shouts, reproaching and blaming us for a lack of enthusiasm. With sad faces and heavy soul sufferings we was leaving this oasis of calmness and pleasure in the middle of desert of vanity and exhaustion. Thus the life then did not seem by sugar to me. However I was possessed of that unique feature of imperishability, which had the Paris Gamen in recent time. My soul showed itself inaccessible for pernicious influence of this hideous atmosphere. Nowadays I recollect that time, certainly, with bitterness in the breast, but without fail with a smile on the mouth. I love Tbilisi, for it has bestowed me the first beams of the sun, first lines from the book, first sounds of music, first love shocks, first dreams and reverie, namely first vital sensations, which will ramain in my soul forever as the memoirs of something bright and pure.

Soon the life path has taken me in the sad city Lugansk. I was probably 14 years old then (unfortunately I can not tell it with absolute accuracy). There the draw to a wonderful kind of sport - tennis was developed. I was literally enchanted by it in that time. I roused almost at dawn, in order that to devote to the favourite occupation. Without superfluous modesty I shall tell that my play was not bad. In the space of one week I have defeated all my contenders in the section (I entered a section soon after arrival in the city) and tried to increase my potential, but unfortunately the conclusion was rather pitiable: I was compelled to leave the sad city Lugansk and go to Moscow towards my further adventures. Arrived in the capital I continued playing tennis, however or draft weakened to it or simply a little bit other interests appeared, but the serious occupations of tennis were stopped.

Since I am not seriously occypied in any kind of sport. Nowadays all I do in this area is playing football, sometimes tennis in the mornings and short runs on the physical culture in summer, and accordingly hockey, basketball and table tennis in winter, though, certainly, last two from them are quite suitable and for summer. So my way of life in general is extremely unhealthy, it is exhausting and wasting my and without that weak organism. However, as it’s known, time flies, both I hope and rely on that the vital forces will be sufficient, in order that to break my laziness and at least to run in the mornings or more frequently engage tennis.

Выполнено студентом группы И-2-4 Москаленко Антоном .

Москва.1998 год.

[1] The bath was using because the water was often cold in the pool.

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Спасибо за реферат! Сделай паузу, студент, вот повеселись: - Говорят, что студенческие годы самые лучшие, я что-то пока этого не ощущаю. - Просто потом еще хуже. Кстати, анекдот взят с chatanekdotov.ru
Лопух03:00:22 09 июля 2017
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Евгений22:36:18 18 марта 2016
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15:52:25 24 ноября 2015
Класное про спорт
артём 21:39:22 09 февраля 2009

Работы, похожие на Топик: Спорт в моей жизни /english/

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Нет, забью.

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