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Реферат: Baldur's Gate

Название: Baldur's Gate
Раздел: Рефераты по информатике, программированию
Тип: реферат Добавлен 15:02:08 04 октября 2005 Похожие работы
Просмотров: 44 Комментариев: 3 Оценило: 1 человек Средний балл: 5 Оценка: неизвестно     Скачать

The world of role-playing games was born when J.R.Tolkien issued his marvelous novel “Fellowship of the Ring”. This novel has changed the world of teenagers. Many role-playing clubs all over the world opened their doors to countless Tolkien admirers. In parallel, the industry of computer games has been conquering the world of entertainment, and it’s not a surprise that these two branches have merged into one priceless gift to the world – computer role-playing games. Of course, people still play in elves and gnomes using table and dice, but nothing is comparable with perfect and fascinating 3-dimensional computer game.

The best game that can represent this genre is Baldur’s Gate. Issued by a few of the strongest computer game companies, Baldur’s Gate is a beautiful combination of style, excellent graphics, captivating subject and scenario, and, of course, it submits to all laws of role-playing games.

A very high quality of graphics can please even the most demanding judge. The picture itself is very detailed. Little houses, trees, grass, animals, castles and characters are seen almost like in a real world from above at some height. The quality of graphics allows us to view characters in exquisite detail – down to skin and hair color, clothing, weapon and armor. Every individual in the game has its own style and color of garments, constitution, and even a face. Also you can see a portrait of each character by clicking on the appropriate button. Portraits are made masterfully, colorfully, and they reflect the personality of each hero. All the colors of game are combined in balance and harmony, and are very pleasant to the eye. One thing about graphics of Baldur’s Gate, which is very important, is that it does not consume a lot of memory and it’s very compact.

You will be amazed, seeing the beauty of a landscape and buildings. The map, almost the most important thing in all role-playing games, is very detailed, convenient and easily readable. If a traveler is tired, he goes to the inn. If he wants to relax, drink golden ale and listen to some useful news, he goes to the tavern,where he can also buy some food for his future travel. Sometimes it is very interesting to visit the houses of townspeople. Robbery and theft are a good way to get extra money, but you have to be very careful, because the guard in a town can imprison you and confiscate all that you have. The scenario is developed so unexpectedly, that you can be confused: strangers come to speak to you, ask for help or offer it, that is how you get new quests and companions. The other side of this world are various pirate’s dens, castles of spiteful mages, caves where the unseen horror lives.

A very structured and diverse system of enemies does not give the player a rest. Unlike DOOM, where your enemies are just ugly and stupid monsters, Baldur’s Gate acts in a more sly and cunning way. The more you investigate, the more you discover dangerous intrigues behind your back. Something is wrong with the world you are living in, something is wrong with people. At the end, you begin to understand everything. Do you know that for your head some very powerful person gives fifty thousand gold? No? Now you have to be even more careful.

And, finally, the humor and smart dialogs between all characters impress a player by wit and endless diversity. Each character has its own personality, point of view. They can argue or even kill each other, and the player is unable to do anything, because when your characters are enraged you cannot stop them. That’s why, when you gather a company for your adventure, you must choose characters with similar attitudes and adherence to a type of magic. When I played, my command consisted of a very kind paladin, a druid woman,a fighter, a thief, a black mage, and his friend, who was half-gnome and half-man. They quarreled all the game and at the end they almost killed each other, but it was very curious and funny to watch how they squabble and blaspheme.

There’s no other game that represents role-playing games so correctly and precisely as Baldur’s Gate. This game is ingeniously composed. We all can be proud that mysterious world of fantastic heroes and mean mages, the world of our dreams that was created by J.R.Tolkien is resurrected in computer games.The world, that is so rich, so interesting and almost real. Baldur’s Gate is the best of its kind.

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