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Реферат: Аборт и беременность молодых девушек

Название: Аборт и беременность молодых девушек
Раздел: Рефераты по медицине
Тип: реферат Добавлен 22:16:12 08 декабря 2004 Похожие работы
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Abortion and Teenage Pregnancy.

This essay is aimed at discussing term paper "How Abortion Relates To Teenage Pregnancy" and providing personal opinion on the main issues. First of all, I am going to discuss teenage abortion and my attitude towards it. Further, I'll consider negative behaviour and inappropriate emotions of the pregnant teenager, and at last I'll pay attention to such matters, as adoption and keeping the body. Conclusion will summarise all above mentioned issues.

It stands to reason that teenage pregnancy has always been an important matter for many generations, but nowadays society is divided into two groups: those who claim for abortion and those who speak against it. Each group uses its own reasons, in the first case – economical, in the second – moral. The article "How Abortion Relates To Teenage Pregnancy " is just aimed at discussing these reasons. According to it, the main reason of teenage abortion is inability to face the society's attitude towards teen mothers. In my opinion, it is true to some extent, but, of course, there are other important factors that influence such decision. For instance, financial insecurity may cause fear of becoming parents. But, whatever the reasons, millions of teenage girls all over the world make abortion, and in the United States, according to the article, over 200,000 girls out of one million turn to abortion. These data were collected by Alan Guttmacher Institute in 2000, and I think that this number is not exact, it may be at least twice larger.

It is true that pregnancy influences all aspects of teenage life, so a pregnant girl faces various psychological difficulties, let alone educational difficulties. Pregnancy and a child at this age can prevent a girl from receiving good education and impede future perspectives, future career. And nowadays, women tend to achieve as much in their professional life, as men does, thus, many of them turn to abortion in their chase of something larger than simple family life. The author of this article also pays attention to this important aspect, and I can't but agree to him. In these circumstances the decision of abortion is made in the best interest of a child and a pregnant mother. In my opinion, children should grow up in the atmosphere of love, in the family of mature parents, who are financially, psychologically and socially strong. What can a teenage mother give to her child, when she is still a 'child' herself? I think not too much, at least she is not able to give her/him the most necessary things, because she is not old enough to be a real mother for a child.

On the other hand, abortion may lead to a serious posttraumatic response, the author states. It is really difficult for a pregnant girl to overcome a feeling that she has killed her own child, a small part of her, and sometimes she even thinks that somebody else forced her to take this step. It is obvious that a mother unconsciously attaches to a fetus, and abortion can negatively influence her future attitude towards pregnancy and children. Such situation is quite difficult for an adult woman, let alone for an adolescent. At the time of pregnancy she turns into another woman, and this may cause various inner negative feelings. But it seems to me, most of teenage girls manage to overcome this feeling. Time cures, they say, and youngsters' minds are especially relevant to this treatment.

Nevertheless, the pregnant teenager is no longer the same, and, as the article claims, she "may engage in negative behaviour and inappropriate emotions and may result in the thought that abortion will end the confusion and emotional disturbance she feels" (p.4). Of course, a young girl is extremely vulnerable to various problems, and pregnancy may be the worst of all troubles she faces. She wants to believe that abortion will save her and bring calmness and joy. However, a girl's expectations do not always come true. After abortion she feels herself even worse, her feelings are so odd that it takes much time to return to her previous life-style. And very often she understands that she has already changed, and her confusion and emotional disturbance remain after abortion.

In this case she really needs help of her parents, friends, and social workers, as well as their patience. A girl, who has lost her child, is very vulnerable, and may bring many troubles for those around her. Her mood may change from bad to worse, because of her inability to cope with emotional feelings, with a feeling of guilty. She doesn't act like this in purpose, she is simply very young to accept such a great tragedy. She feels lack of confidence as to her deed, she is afraid of changes that happen within her inner world. These rapid changes may lead to difficult emotional state of a girl. Fortunately, today's society accepts the teenage mother as a person with deep feelings and thoughts, the paper states. And I think it is really good. A pregnant adolescent or a girl who has just made an abortion suffers greatly, and it is not wise to add additional sufferings or accuse her of her deed. It is difficult for her to accept new responsibilities and give up former light-hearted life.

For many teenagers abortion is the way to keep their bodies without any changes. They are afraid that pregnancy will change them greatly, and the fear to lose their attraction makes them turn to abortion. Suddenly, they appear to be at the mercy of their bodies, and this realisation frightens them. According to the article, a pregnant teenage may "resent the mounting demands the infant makes upon her body, and ultimately resent the infant as an object that has seriously constrained her independence". Besides, some researches (for instance, data of The Medem Medical Library) show that bodies of pregnant girls are not fully ready for child birth, thus, they risk more than mature women. There is a great probability that their children may die either during pregnancy or delivery.

However, in my opinion, there is a good alternative to abortion – adoption of a child. There are certain situations, when a pregnant teenage girl doesn't want to kill her child, but she also can't keep it and bring him/her up. She understands that she has to live with a child for the rest of her life, and she needs certain means of subsistence, but she is too young to provide good life for her child. Thus, she agrees to give him/her to another family in order to ensure the future stability of a baby. I can't say exactly, if such decision is moral or not, but I am sure that adoption is wiser than abortion or keeping a child instead of common sense. A family with good financial support and stability is much better than a young girl, who is so uncertain in this world.

In summary, the paper "How Abortion Relates To Teenage Pregnancy " raises one of the most important issues of our days – teenage pregnancy and abortion. In my opinion, the reasons for abortion stated in it are true, but, whatever they are, teenage abortion is a real tragedy in our society, and the consequences may appear to be even worse than we think. The partial blame can be put on all of us, and emotional and psychological damage of these teenagers can be unimaginable. Everyone suffers in this situation: a teenage mother, a child and close relatives. A child is especially vulnerable, and may be unhappy throughout his/her life. We should pay more attention to adolescents and take more measures to protect them from such tragedies and difficulties.

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